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Our number one goal is organizing the PATRIOT PRECINCT PROJECT.

By having connections with every neighborhood in SB County we can recruit, organize and spread the truth. In addition, we can also help elect America First Candidates both locally and federally. There are 2328 precincts in SB County alone. We are the largest geographical county in the United States. We have created a team structure to cover such a vast area. Below is an overview of our team organization.

The goal of the precinct project is to have every city, every neighborhood, and every block in San Bernardino County covered with the intention of spreading information, banding together patriots and winning campaigns both locally and federally. An army of volunteers will be in place ready to be activated for any given campaign so that we do not need to scramble every election cycle.

No one volunteer will be overwhelmed with too much responsibility to prevent burn out. Each person will only need to work with or manage a handful of other volunteers. No one person will be without team support or be overwhelmed with too much responsibility.

The breakdown of positions will be as follows:

Precinct Captain (PC)

is the most critical position in the precinct project because it is the position that organizes and interacts with the people in the neighborhood. It is the heart of the program. The purpose is to inform the neighborhood of candidates, and to get out the vote for all elections including local elections like school board and city council positions. We can also effectively share information on all important local issues. The precinct captain can manage their neighborhood as they see fit. Their team can include family members, friends, and fellow neighbors.

How can the PC connect with their neighborhood:

  • Have neighborhood precinct parties
  • Knock on doors
  • Drop off literature
  • Make phone calls

Each Precinct Captain will be given data as to which houses are Republican, Democrat, Independent or not registered to vote. Having this data will help them manage the distribution of materials and formulate canvassing strategies. These strategies will be put together by the Division and Community Leaders

Division Leaders

Above the Precinct Captains, the division leaders will oversee a handful of precinct Captains. The division leaders are responsible for making sure that the precinct captains are covering their area effectively and connecting with people in the neighborhood. If any precinct captains are struggling to cover their area, then the division leader will help with getting reinforcements. If a precinct captain can no longer manage their area, the division leader will be responsible for recruiting a suitable replacement.

Community Leaders

Each city/community will be broken up into divisions to make management easier. The community leaders will be responsible for recruiting, training, and managing 4-8 division leaders. The community leader will present progress of the program at the monthly community meetings.

District Leaders

There are 5 districts in SB County thus 5 District leaders who will be responsible for finding community leaders for each of the cities in their district. They will assist these community leaders with training and guidance once in place.

SB County Director

Oversees the program and provides leadership and assistance to the 5 districts of SB county. This includes training, guidance and recruitment of District and Community Leaders.

Precinct project contact for other Counties:

LA County:
Orange County:
San Diego County:
Riverside County:
Kern County:

If you are interested in learning more about our Precinct project please sign up by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

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