About Us

San Bernardino County Patriots

WE THE PEOPLE of San Bernardino County

We are everyday citizens who are fed up with career politicians and the corruption within the system. This organization is made up of WE THE PEOPLE. A people who value our Constitutional Republic with liberty and justice for all. SB County Patriots is an action based organization established to take back our county and ultimately our Country. We are God loving, flag loving, constitutional patriots of all races who are taking a stand against tyranny.

Our main purpose is to activate all patriots in every neighborhood in SB County with the patriot neighborhood (precinct) project. This will allow us to:


  • Elect and support America First Patriots both locally and federally
  • Actively recruit and build large numbers to have a real influence
  • Spread the word quickly to all neighborhoods on critical issues
  • Support other patriot groups throughout the county
  • Encourage people to vote and register to vote
  • With large numbers of patriots, we can demand county election audits
  • In potential time of crisis, know our neighbors so we can band together
  • Class action suits
  • Organize protests and rallies
  • Support local small businesses and communities

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Want to eliminate political apathy in San Bernardino County?

Tired of the tyranny in California?

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For Registered Patriots Only!

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can save the country with your fellow Patriots! Click the link below and donate monthly to cover costs and contribute to Constitutional, Conservative Candidates in San Bernardino.

San Bernardino County Patriots