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San Bernardino County Patriots

Our mission is to give the power back to the people. Organizing in large numbers is extremely powerful. It’s time for patriots to band together and rise up. We invite all conservative groups to partner with us to affect change. Constitutional loving Independents are welcome as well.

How We Are Doing It

Patriot Precinct Project

By having connections with every neighborhood in SB County we can recruit, organize and spread the truth.

Local Meetings

The biggest difference between the left and the right is not the number of supporters, it’s organization.

Helpful Resources

There are many legal, medical, and education advocate organizations that are relevant and helpful to our movement.

Get Involved!

Want to eliminate political apathy in San Bernardino County?

Tired of the tyranny in California?

Ready to take our country back?


For Registered Patriots Only!

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can save the country with your fellow Patriots! Click the link below and donate monthly to cover costs and contribute to Constitutional, Conservative Candidates in San Bernardino.

San Bernardino County Patriots